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CSR Charter

Our values, requirements, benevolence,
solidarity, conviviality

• Very limited printing for the organization on certified papers

• Preference for QR codes for distribution of catalogs and all information related to the program, event content, etc.

• Use of black and white ink, for upstream printing

• Cords: choice of a certified service provider and use of recycled PET material for all participants

• Badge holders: cardboard for all participants

• Recovery of lanyards and badge holders at the end of the event

• Choice of screens installed for visual supports instead of prints

• Signage:

   o Favor certified printers,

   o Neutralization and recovery of signage for reuse in the future


• Catering: 

  • Choice of a certified caterer who manages food waste

  • Whenever possible, opt for a sit-down meal format or use an association to manage

      association to manage food waste

  • Reducing animal proteins by 20% at mealtimes

  • Elimination of cut flowers, use of reusable plants

o Inviting participants to bring a water bottle

o Provision of water fountains to limit the consumption of plastic bottled water

  • Choice of an eco-responsible venue for EVENTS Days

  • Carpet not laid throughout the event by the organiser

  • Hire of the equipment required for the event (furniture, sound, lighting, projection) 100% from local or regional companies committed to a sustainable approach

  • On-site selective sorting via identified and signposted bins

  • No partitions installed for the exhibition

  • Use of on-site lighting provided by the selected venue

  • Choose accommodation close to the event venue

  • Accommodation :

    o Favour eco-certified hotels

    o Make the selected hotels aware of the need to change sheets, not to use plastic bottles

      and limiting the number of gifts given in rooms

     o Communicate about their certifications

  • Favour public transport to come to the event

  • Helping to measure the event's carbon footprint on the meeting platform using a tool that identifies the event's city of origin & each person's means of transport

  • Use of shuttles to transport participants, in particular to get to the exhibition evening event

  • Setting up a car-sharing platform

  • Exhibitors are invited to :

    o Incorporate sustainable development criteria: reusable fixtures and fittings, certified

      materials such as PETS- or FSC-certified wood from France or Europe, or use reusable or European origin, or use reusable or recyclable carpeting

     o Integrate three criteria for paper: recycled paper / eco-labelled paper / give preference to certified printers (imprim'vert and/or environmental certification)

     o Avoid as much plastic packaging as possible

     o Bring a water bottle to fill

     o Limit the distribution of goodies on site or choose gifts made in France

     o Encourage transport by train or carpooling

     o Develop the use of local suppliers for their delivery needs,mobilise, specific lighting if validated by the organisation...)

  •  Offering content that is accessible to all, with a focus on CSR issues for responsible events

  • Speeches by experts with equal representation of men and women

  • Calculating the carbon impact at the end of the event

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